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Phool Bagh Orchha

The beautifully laid garden in Orchha, the Phool Bagh bears a testimony to the highly polished aesthetic sagacity of the Bundelas, who were the rulers and leaders of this small place in Madhya Pradesh. The Phool Bagh in Orchha served as a summer retreat by the kings of Orchha.

There is an resourceful system of water ventilation connecting the underground palace with Chandan Katora. The Chandan Katora is the beautiful fountain. The Phool Bagh in orchha also houses the Badgir Sawan Bhadon Towers. These towers were built with the purpose to provide a cooling effect to the place, by capturing the prevailing wind.

History of Phool Bagh Orchha:

The Phool Bagh were built as a memorial for Dinman Hardaul, the prince of Orchha, who died a martyr, to prove his innocence to his big brother.

How to reach Phool Bagh in Orchha:

Phool Bagh in Orchha is located beside the Palki Mahal. To reach orchha by air, the nearest airport is at a distance of 120 kms in Gwalior, while Jhansi is the closest rail head , only 6 km away.


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