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Quadam-I-Rasool Shrine Cuttack

Cuttack is a place that is historically significant. During the Kurukshetra battle reference has been given about a region called Kalinga which is now known as Orissa of which Cuttack is the capital. Kalinga became economically prosperous during the Nanda rule. This place also got a permanent place in history because of the invasion of Ashoka and the mass slaughter that ensued after that. Later on the Kahravellas , the Satavahanas, the muradas, the Durjayas, Gangas, Mukundadeva, Afgans, Mughals, Marathas and at last the British ruled the region . Over all this time Cuttack has seen a lot of development in the field of architecture and Quadam-I-Rasool Shrine, Cuttack is one of them. Quadam-I-Rasool Shrine, Orissa also shows the cultural unity and the religious solidarity that the country has, because the shrine is revered both by the Hindus and the Muslims.


Quadam-I-Rasool Shrine, Cuttack is a masterpiece and an excellent work of art. It was a sacred shrine developed by a Hindu king for the muslim community in the 18th century.


Quadam-I-Rasool Shrine, Cuttack has a tower on each corner. The Shine has one of the best structures with 3 mosques within the shrine. There are beautiful domes on this mosques and a Nawabat Khana that is a rare work of art. The mosque is really sacred because the central mosque has a stone that contains the footprint of Prophet Mohammed.

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