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Mahanadi River Orissa

Lakes, waterfalls, rivers, temples, monuments, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries - Orissa has it all. Though several rivers run through the culturally rich state, Mahanadi River is the leading name. The 885 km long Mahanadi River, emerges from Chhattisgarh and flows eastwards through the Eastern Ghats Mountains. Seonath, Jonk, Hasdo, Mand, Ib, Ong, Tel etc. are the major tributaries of Mahanadi River. The river along with the Brahmani River forms one of the largest delta in India close to Cuttack before merging with the Bay of Bengal. This delta is home to one of the biggest mangrove forests in peninsular India.

Mahanadi River boasts of the total catchment area of 141,600 sq km. The largest earthen dam of the world, Hirakud at Sambalpur, is constructed across the river. The dam has also created a man-made lake of 35 miles nearby.

On its way, Mahanadi River in Orissa supports more than a few hydro-electric plants and serves as a key source of irrigation in the state of Orissa. The fertile plains of the Mahanadi valley play home to intensive rice cultivation. Plan a trip to Odisha and don’t forget to visit Mahanadi, the longest river in the state.


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