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Waterfalls in Orissa

Hills and plateaus cover most of the landscape of Orissa. These rocky plateaus are the originating point of the various main rivers of Orissa, giving way to river valleys as well as grand waterfalls. One of the best features of the waterfalls of this eastern state is that they are enveloped by thick forests, offering stunning scenery. If we do not count the small ones that are fed by rains, there are about 13 main waterfalls in Orissa. The height of these falls is between the ranges of 30 m to 250 m.

The highest waterfall is Badheipani waterfall that fall from the height of 399 m, succeeded by Khandadhar falls. A huge number of Orissa rivers either have waterfalls at their originating point or the over the mountain bed. Some of the popular waterfalls of Orissa are Badaghagra, Sanaghagra, Phurli Jharan, Barehipani, Joranda, Harishankar, Pradhanpath, Devkund, Duduma, Putudi, Hatipathar, Nrusimhanath etc.

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