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Wildlife in Orissa

Orissa is home to the rare breed of White Tigers. This state also offers an abundance of other varieties of fauna huddled in its several wildlife sanctuaries and parks. People from different parts of the world come here to see this varied Wildlife in Orissa. The State of Orissa has a diversified topography that consists of valleys, scrub jungles, hills, dense evergreen forests, estuarine as well as manmade forests. The forest area of Odisha is around 38 per cent of its geographical area. The diversified ecological niches and environmental settings of Orissa provide for an excellent home for a rich and diversified fauna. So, Orissa Wildlife would be a treat to watch.

On your Tour to Orissa, you can visit the wildlife parks of the state which are a major source of attraction not only to the Indian tourists but even to the international travelers. Wildlife of Orissa, India has a lot to offer to everyone. Some of the most visited national parks in Orissa are the Chilika Sanctuary, Nandan Kanan Wildlife Sanctuary and Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary which have already made their mark on the world map. Apart from these, Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary, Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary,Hadagarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Kotagarh Wildlife Sanctuary are also outstanding conservation areas popular with the tourists.

So, if you want to observe all the aforementioned things and more related to the Wildlife in Odisha, book yourself for a Tour to Orissa without delay. It would definitely offer you an experience of a lifetime!


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