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Tourist Attractions in Palitana

Palitana is positioned 50 km South-West of Bhavnagar city and is one of the most important Jain pilgrim spots. Famous for its immense tourist places, it is visited by both Indian Nationals and Foreigners alike.

Tourist Attractions in Palitana :

Jain Temple :- This is perhaps the best place of Tourist Attractions at Palitana. It is believed that a Jain must visit this temple once in his lifetime because that would guarantee his salvation. There are in total 900 temples that have been carved in marble. During the nights the priests at these temples are not allowed to sleep because the temple is considered to be the abode of Almighty and sleeping at night might make him angry. So, followers and priests alike remain awake during night at Palitana Temple.

A cluster of temples at Shatrunjaya Hill located in Palitana is the best site of Tourist Attractions in Palitana. They were actually constructed between 11th and 12th century BC, and eventually destroyed by Muslim invaders. But still they retain their holiness and attract people from all over the world. There is a fabulous collection of gold and silver jewelry at Palitana temple. There are 3500 steps, bedecked statues, intricate toranas and the exhilarating view of river Shetrunjaya.

Kala Bhandar :- These are the museums located near the hill Shatrunjaya.

There are several smaller temples located at the fringes of the mountain and they constitute some other Tourist Attractions in Palitana.

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