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Holy Places in Palitana

Holy places everywhere are known for purifying the consciousness of the tourist. A place is made principally holy by the presence of the Lord and His pure devotees. Holy places in Palitana will purify your soul and will ensure a spiritual healing from your sorrows and grief.

To offer your prayers and to attain spirituality you can visit the holy places in Palitana. Major attractions of Palitana are the famous holy places which feature great architectural grandeurs. It is major pilgrim site for Jain temples.

Palitana holy places mostly cover up the impressive Jain temples and other numerous temples. Holy places in Palitana are religiously visited by thousands of devotees all year through. The entire summit of grand mount Shatrunjaya is crowned with about 900 temples, each surpassing the other in their beauty and splendor, presenting a breathtaking spectacle to devotees and visitors.

The mount Shatrunjaya lies hardly a kilometer away from the town, the way, which is now thronged on both the sides with numerous temples, including Kala Bhandars (museums). Holy places in Palitana are symbolic of Shatrunjaya hill. The mountain is related with Rishabhdev, the first tirthankar, also known as Adinath. It is thought that all the tirthankars, except Neminath, attained nirvana here.

The most famous holy places in Palitana are the temples of Adinath, Kumarpal, Vimalshah, Samprati Raja and the Chomukh, which is the highest and can be distinguished from a distance. The multitude of temples, half palaces, half fortresses and made of superb marble, with their spires aiming the skies present a vision unmatched for its scale and magnitude. The famous Adishwara temple is considered to be the most sacred. The holy temple nestled at the hill top is spread over a vast area and bears within its premises about 108 smaller temples of the 108 Gods according to the beliefs of Jainism. Devotees visiting the famous Adishwara Temple in Palitana desire to climb to the mountain-top at least once in their lifetime, because of its holiness.

Palitana holy places draw tourists from across the world. Muslims also pay a visit to the famous Angara Pir Shrine. While atop the sacred Shatrunjaya hill you shall come across this holy Muslim shrine of Angar Pir. The Pir's blessings are invoked by the childless women for to be blessed with children. They offer small cradles to the Pir and the shrine is spotted with such cradles.


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