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Angar Pir Shrine in Palitana

Palitana is a famous pilgrim site for all Jain worshippers. The famous Adishwara temple is situated here atop a hill. Every devout Jain aspires to climb to the top of the mountain at least once in his lifetime. The journey is arduous. The walk up the stone stairway hewn into the mountain face takes about an hour and a half.

For those unable or unacquainted to the strain, sling-chairs are available at a bargain. This famous temple is located at the summit of Shatrunjaya. Very near to this famous temple Angar Pir Shrine is located. This shrine is very auspicious for all Muslim followers. Common men from other religions also revere this shrine and pay a visit to it. Angar Pir Shrine, Palitana is counted among the popular tourist attractions in Palitana.

History of Angar Pir Shrine

The Palitana town was an imperial Thana during the Mughal era, which grew into the capital of Palitana State of the princely Kathiawad. Many Muslims have settled in this area. Palitana Angar Pir Shrine is very old and respected by all locals. It is here in this place since ages. It is believed that wishes are granted at the complex of Palitana Angar Pir Shrine.

Description of Angar Pir Shrine

While atop the sacred Shatrunjaya hill you shall come across this holy Muslim shrine of Angar Pir. The Pir's blessings are invoked by the childless women for to be blessed with children. They offer small cradles to the Pir and the shrine is spotted with such cradles.

Palitana is situated in the western Indian state of Gujarat, 51 km south west of Bhavnagar. It is a part of the Saurashtra region famed for its amazing temple sites, cities, beautiful beaches, and wildlife. The town has a good road and rail network that connects it to the other cities of Gujarat, particularly Bhavnagar.

Palitana feature over 863 temples built in the 11th and the 12th century and are carved in marbles. It is said all the Jain Tirthankars, excepting Neminath, had attained nirvana here. Some of these temples have a wonderful collection of jewels, which can be seen with special permission.


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