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Chaumukha Temple in Palitana

Palitana is located at a distance of 51 kms to the southwestern part of Bhavnagar. Palitana is basically a pilgrim place which is famous for its Jain temples and shrines. Amongst the Holy Places in Palitana, the Chaumukh Shrine in Palitana merits a special mention. As Bhavnagar is well linked to the other parts of Gujarat and the rest of the country, reaching the Chaumukh Shrine in Palitana would be an easy job for the tourists.

History of Chaumukha Temple

The history of the Chaumukh Shrine in Palitana dates back to the ancient period of 17th century.

Description of Chaumukha Temple

The other name of Chaumukh Shrine in Palitana is Adinath temple. As the name suggests, Chaumukh means four faces. This shrine is devoted to Adinath, the first among the twenty four Tirthankaras. The immaculate architecture of this beautiful temple calls for a visit. It has numerous square structures that are in the shape of a dome at the top. These structures are highly symbolical and the inner part of the squares symbolizes the five holy hills of the Jains. Tourists would feel a sense of tranquility and bliss when they visit this place.


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