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Sampriti Raj Temple in Palitana

On a tour to Palitana if you are looking for spiritual upliftment and this urge is impelling you to explore the most sacred holy places then don't forget to include holy places in Palitana in your travel itinerary. This is the most coveted pilgrimage destination. The most visited pilgrimage site in Palitana is beautiful mountain of Shatrunjaya. Jain followers come to this mountain very frequently to offer prayers to their lords. They have to venture upon to climb up 3950 steps which mark around 4 km and result in covering the height of 600 m or 1980 ft lofty hill.

On arriving at the pinnacle of the hill the Jain followers reach as many as 863 ancient temples that are more than 900 year old. You should also pay visit to this very revered and popular pilgrimage destination. Here the one temple that is the must-visit site of the 2 groups of countless temples is Sampriti Raj Temple in Palitana.

Palitana Sampriti Raj Temple is dedicated to Sampriti Raj. It is nestled on the very adorable and beautiful location of the hillock. It is a very elegant temple that boasts of intricate carving and detailed piece of work.

Sampriti Raj Temple in Palitana is one of the very famous temples of the mountain of Shatrunjaya. It stands a distinct position among all the 863 temples. It claims to fame with boasting refined architectural patterns. On a visit to this temple you will not only be able to cater to your spiritual soul but to your eyes also which always crave for breathtaking views.


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