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Vimal Shah Temple in Palitana

Palitana in Gujarat is a very renowned pilgrimage destination in Gujarat. It is the coveted destination for especially the followers of Jainism. However, a good deal of pleasure travelers also visit this temple to enjoy the architectural feast. The one place frequented at close intervals is the mountain of Shatrunjaya, abounding by a whopping number of Jain temples that amount to around 863.

These majestic temples feature intricate and elaborate carvings in marble and are around 900 years old. Although the intricacy of the work may not be the same as Mount Abu Jain temples, they are real mesmerizing sights to lay eyes on. Of the conglomeration of various temples on the hillock, you must visit the Vimal Shah Temple in Palitana.

The Palitana Vimal Shah Temple is the center of attraction in the horde of attractive temples. It is one of the highly acclaimed holy places in Palitana. Vimal Shah Temple in Palitana is one of the most significant temples, which enjoys a favorable and stunning location on the gorgeous hill already teeming with many architecturally superior and refined temples.

You will be enthralled looking at the ornate carving of this temple which transcends others in every respect. This temple is consecrated to the man of repute at the time, Vimal Shah, a minister of Bhima I, the Chaulukya king of Gujarat. Apart from visiting Palitana Vimal Shah Temple, you can also stroll around the nearby impressive temples like Sampriti Raj and Kumarpal.


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FAQs about Palitana Temples

Q: Who built Palitana Temples?

Ans. Kumarpal Solanki, a Jain patron, built the first temples on Shatrunjaya Hill. The rest of Palitana Temples were established over the course of 900 years, starting from the 11th century.

Q: Which is the main God in Palitana Temples?

Ans. Palitana’s main temple is dedicated to the first Tirthankara Rishabhanatha (Rishabhadeva).

Q: Why do Jains go to Palitana?

Ans. According to Jains beliefs, 23 of 24 Tirthankaras, except Neminatha, blessed the Palitana Hill with their visits. This made the site important for Jains seeking blessings from Tirthankara Rishabhanatha. They have to climb about 3,500 steps to reach the top.