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Chauragarh Shrine Panchmarhi

Panchmarhi in Madhya Pradesh is a popular hill station popularized by the British as a summer capital of the erstwhile Central Province. Located on the Satpura Hills of the Vindhya Range, Panchmarhi is very popular among tourists who are fascinated by its hills, ravines and waterfalls. The Chauragarh Shrine Panchmarhi is one of the important holy places in Panchmarhi and offers quite a feast for adventure seekers as well as pilgrims.

Chauragarh shrine Panchmarhi In India is a 4 km steep climb of 1300 steps from Mahadeo. At the Chauragarh shrine In Panchmarhi In Madhya Pradesh one can see a temple on the rectangular top with an idol of Lord Shiva. Ardent devotees make the strenuous climb, sometimes carrying Triscends (Trishuls)- Lord Shiva’s weapon on their shoulders as an offering to Lord Shiva. This tradition is followed as a mark of devotion, especially during Shivaratri. The trishuls may be of differing weights some weighing up to three to four quintals. There is a Dharmashala at the shrine for relaxation.

The Chauragarh Shrine Panchmarhi offers a panoramic view of the surrounding hills. The Jata Shamkar Temple is another important temple in Panchmarhi and is oft visited by pilgrims. The Chauragarh shrine Panchmarhi is yet another instance of devotees undertaking strenuous physical activities to seek a deity’s blessings. The harder and more difficult to achieve the target, the higher the amount of blessings showered on the individual.

Panchmarhi can be reached by road from Piparia which has a railway station. Panchmarhi is 47 km from Piparia and takes hardly two hours by road. Hired cars, taxis, buses, etc. are available. Bus is however, the cheapest mode of transport available.

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