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Monuments and Museums in Panchmarhi

The densely vegetated rolling hills, the cascades of white water plunging down the heights of red sandstone, and the quaint colonial cottages and bungalows, make Panchmarhi the tourists’ and nature lovers’ delight. A tour to Panchmarhi is made all the more interesting by the monuments and museums in Panchmarhi.

Madhya Pradesh is translated as the central province and is located in Central India. Madhya Pradesh has a lot to offer to tourists who flock to the temples, hills, waterfalls, and wildlife sanctuaries in the state. Panchmarhi is the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh and the most popular in central India.

Panchmarhi was discovered like most hill stations in India, by the British. It was Captain Forsyth of the Bengal Lancers who was struck by the beauty of the place in 1857, while passing through it. Panchmarhi later was developed by the British as it became popular as a sanatorium and the summer capital of the central province. The tourist attractions in Panchmarhi now include quite a few colonial structures.

The Monuments And Museums In Panchmarhi In India are visited by the tourists. Though it is more for the sheer beauty of the landscapes, the topography and the flora that the tourists flock to Panchmarhi, the Monuments And Museums In Panchmarhi In Madhya Pradesh have also become popular with the gradual development of the place as a tourist spot. The tourism industry is now quite organized and profit yielding in Panchmarhi.

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