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Priyadarshini Point in Pachmarhi

Panchmarhi was discovered by Captain Forsyth in 1857. The point from where the British Officer of the Bengal Lancers got a glimpse of the beautiful land was named Forsyth Point. It was later renamed as Priyadarshini Point.

The British converted the hill station to a resort. The British influence on Panchmarhi can be witnessed by the architectural wonders, the beautiful churches and other monuments. The colonial architecture adds to the beauty of the verdant hills of Panchmarhi.

Jamuna Prapat (Bee Fall)

Offering drinking water to the people of Panchmarhi the marvelous fall and the pool above it are a popular tourist in Panchmarhi. The Jamuna Prapat drops 50 meters.

Rajat Prapat (Big Fall)

Close to the Apsara Vihar is the adventurous path amidst huge rocks and boulders which leads to the magnificent Rajat Prapat (Big Fall).

Jalawataran (Duchess Falls)

The fall of the Jalawataran (Duchess Falls) is extremely sharp and the trek to the base of the fall is exceptionally difficult. This is also a popular tourist destination in Panchmarhi .

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