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Waterfalls in Panchmarhi

Panchmarhi has a number of waterfalls and lakes. Known as the Queen of Satpuras, Panchmarhi is an enchanting place. It is always full of life and has a great cultural heritage. It is a place that dates back to the time of the Mahabharatas because legend has it that the Pandavas stayed in these hills.The Waterfalls in Panchmarhi are among the prime tourist destinations of the place.These cascading falls fallings in torrents from a height are a spectacle to watch.

The silver cascades of water falling down from sandstone rocks amidst the surrounding greenery make the waterfalls in Panchmari gracious. Geographically Panchmarhi is a collection of waterfalls.. There are a number of Waterfalls in Panchmarhi in India, and the most well known among them is the “Bee Fall”or the Jamuna Prapat. Rajat Prapat or the big fall is ideal for those who want to have adventure. It is just 10 mins walk from the Apsara Vihar.The Duchess Falls or the Jalwataran has a steep fall and it takes 4kms to reach the base of the first cascade of the fall.

“Bee Fall” provides drinking water to Panchmari. The Bathing pools above the fall are frequented regularly and are popular.The fall gently cascades about 50 meters down the face of the rock and is shaded beautifully. In the nearby trees giant squirrels play on the branches and different types of birds provide soothing music.There are many Waterfalls in Panchmarhi but Bee Fall is the most accessible one. It is just 10 mins walk from Apsara Bihar.

There are many waterfalls in panchmarhi that are lesser known. Clinging to the rounded sandstone structures these falls have an aura of their own. The Sunlight falling on Panchmarhi Waterfalls make for good visuals and you have a chance to trek as none of these are accessible by cars.

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