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Bee Falls in Pachmarhi

Panchmarhi has a good number of waterfalls and lakes. Bee Falls Panchmarhi is one of the imprtant falls and the view that one has of the place from Sunset point is one that can be remembered for a long time. It is one of the important tourist destinations in Panchmarhi, a place that got its name from a group of five caves. Known as the Queen of Satpuras, Panchmarhi is an enchanting place. It is always full of life and has a great cultural heritage.

Bee Falls Panchmarhi has a history that is as important as the history of the place.It is situated in a place that dates back to the time of the Mahabharatas because legend has it that the Pandavas stayed in these hills. The caves of Panchmari have paintings that were drawn more than 500 years ago.In recent times the place got a fillip in the hand of Captain Forsytha a British soldier who developed the area to revitalize tired souls. A number of cantonments, colonial buildings and bunglows were consructed in this place.

Bee Falls in Panchmarhi in India provides drinking water to Panchmari. There are a lot of Water Falls in Panchmarhi but Bee Falls Panchmarhi is the most accessible one. It is just 10 mins walk from Apsara Bihar.The Bathing pools above the Bee Falls Panchmarhi are frequented regularly and are popular.The fall is about 50 and is shaded beautifully.


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