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    INR 30 per person
  • Opening Hour:
    06:00 AM to 06:00 PM (Monday to Friday open)
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  • LocationBijapur, Pattadakal

  • Opening Hours 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM (Monday to Friday open)

  • Entrance Fee INR 30 per person

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Group of Monuments at Pattadakal

Group Monuments at Pattadakal were announced as a World Heritage Site. It is situated in the Bijapur district of Karnataka. Pattadakal gains fame for its medieval Indian group of buildings which was a pious place for a royal coronation. It represents the high point of an electrifying art which is in the 7th and 8th centuries under the Chalukyas Dynasty. It achieved a symphonious blend of Dravidian as well as Indo- Aryan style of architecture from northern and southern India. The Monuments are a splendid series of Nine Hindu Temples dedicated to Lord Shiva as well as you can see the essence of Jain culture. The location and natural background of this temple complex are praiseworthy or exemplary and change the overall set of the temple.

Pattadakal group of monuments became, along with nearby Aihole and Badami a historic cultural center and religious site for innovations in architecture and experimentation of ideas. There are ten major temples at Pattakadal nine Hindu and one Jain along with countless shrine and plinth. Eight of the major temples are combined together, a ninth one is about half of a kilometer in the south and the tenth, a Jain temple located about a kilometer in West. All Hindu temples are connected by a walkway while the Jain temple has road access.

The Sangamesvara temple is known to be the oldest temple in Pattadakal. The temples found in Pattadakal are a mixture of architectural designs from Nagara, Rekha and the Dravida Vimana styles.

Best time to visit Pattadakal

October to February are the best months to visit Pattadakal as the weather is very pleasant. Tourists can also visit during the monsoon season in July to September but boulder stone becomes quite slippery in the monsoon season.

How to reach Pattadakal

The best way to go the Pattadakal is going to the Aihole first which is only 11 km away. There is no direct flight or rail connectivity. Pattadakal does not have its own station so move to the nearest being at Badami (15 km). Regular bus services use to and fro the city of Pattadakal, through socially connected state and national highways.


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