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khecheopalri lake

Khachotpalri Lake of pelling is a sacred spot for Hindus and Buddhists. The name has been derived from Khechoedpaldri hill where it is located. This lake is a part of Buddhist pilgrimage circuit and is often considered as a wish-fulfilling lake. An interesting thing about this lake is that whenever a leaf falls on the lake a bird comes and picks it up; hence you might not find a single leaf floating around. In a short distance from the lake lies the popular Khangchendzonga National Park.  

Khecheopalri Lake is associated with legends of Sikkim typography. It is believed to be representing the thorax, which is one of the four plexus of human body. There are a quite a lot other legends about this lake, like the one which says that Guru Padmasambahava used to preach 64 yoginis here, or the one that says that this is where Goddess Tara Jetsun Dolma lived and the lake is her footprint. Dupukney Cave near the lake receives huge number of devotees on ‘Nag Panchmi’ day, as it believed to be former meditation spot of Lord Shiva. There are a lot of festivals celebrated around Khecheopalri Lake, like the Maghe Purne (March/April) and Chho-Tsho (October). 

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