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Botanical Gardens – Pondicherry

The Botanica Garden in Pondicherry is a French garden also called Jardin Botanique. It is a serene and calming place to admire French architecture and greenery. The garden has giant trees and fossil plants, inviting many nature lovers.

Botanical Garden Pondicherry aims to spread awareness about plant conservation. Many flower shows, training workshops, and plant sales are also held for the same cause.

History of Botanical Garden Pondicherry

The French-style front gate is in contrast with the Old Tamil Town around. Pruned trees, flower beds, fountains, and gravel-lined paths were placed inside this gate back in 1826. By 1831, the Botanical Garden saw enormous positive changes. Perottet is said to be the hero behind the resurrection of this garden.

The French later planted exotic plants and flowers from all around the world. The musical fountain show on the evening weekends makes the Botanical Garden look even more enchanting.

Flora and Fauna of Botanical Garden Pondicherry

This Pondicherry’s famous garden is home to more than 1500 tree and plant species. Among them are exotic collections of bamboo, aquatic plants, banyan tree, water lilies, Mahogany, hibiscus, orchid, tamarind, mango trees, and more in massive numbers.

The aquarium houses tropical fishes like Rosy Barbs, Colisa, eels, glass catfish, Danios, and more.

You can also spot rabbits, mongooses, porcupines, field rats, and lemurs across the Botanical Garden.

Things to do at Botanical Garden Pondicherry

  • Visit the floral garden to see the diverse flowering plants and trees.
  • See the collection of trees and learn more about their colors, heights, and shapes.
  • Sit by the musical fountain and enjoy the shapes and patterns dancing to the music.
  • Hop on a toy train ride around the garden to witness great garden views.
  • Attend the annual flower show, which displays different kinds of flowers.
  • Visit the fossil park, conservatory, and cactus succulent house.
  • See the small aquarium with a great collection of aquatic life.

Tips Before Visiting Botanical Garden Pondicherry

  • Carry a water bottle with you and keep yourself hydrated. 
  • Do not litter the garden. Dispose of the garbage appropriately.
  • Touching the plants or trees is prohibited.
  • Do not touch the display units at the aquarium.
  • Maintain a queue for toy train rides at rush hours.
  • Park your vehicle at a designated spot.
  • Keep children close.
  • Follow the instructions given by the guards and staff at the Botanical Garden.
  • Buy tickets for every facility that is charged at the garden.


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FAQs about Botanical Gardens Pondicherry

Q: What are the timings of Botanical Gardens, Pondicherry?

Ans. You can visit Botanical Gardens in Pondicherry between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all days of the week.

Q:What is the entry fee for Botanical Gardens?

Ans. Adults must pay INR 10, and kids are charged only INR 5.

Q: What is the best time to visit the Botanical Garden in Pondicherry?

Ans. Pondicherry has pleasant weather all year round so you can visit anytime.

Q: How to reach the Pondicherry Botanical Garden?

Ans.Bicycles, auto/cycle rickshaws, or taxi/cabs are available from various parts of the city to the Botanical Garden. The nearest Pondicherry Airport is just 5.5 km away, while the Villupuram Junction is 38 km away.