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Pap Mochani Temple Puskar

There are very few tourist destinations in the world like Rajasthan in India. The tremendous popularity of Rajasthan among tourists has made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. There are many places in Rajasthan that has a high concentration of tourist attractions. Pushkar in Rajasthan has a number of tourist attractions and attracts a large number of temples. The prime attraction of Pushkar is its temples and lakes. The 400 temples easily outnumber the number of lakes and hence have a lot of significance in Pushkar tourism. These temples are a major attraction for tourists as the marvelous architecture and the spiritual significance of these temples add a great value to the tours. As already said there are huge numbers of temples in Rajasthan. Most of them are worthy visiting. However, due to limited time tourists are not able to visit all of them. The Pap mochani temple in Pushkar is a must visit for tourists. Located in the northern section of Pushkar, the temple is like a pearl in the crown of Pushkar. Having a great spiritual importance as well as boasting a splendid architecture, the Pap mochani temple puskar is one of the most popular temples in Rajasthan.

Presided by the deity Ekadashi Mata, the Pap mochani temple is believed to provide respite to followers from their cardinal sins. 'Pap' in Sanskrit means 'sin'. There are also a number of beliefs attached to the temple. In ancient India, it was believed that killing a Brahmin is an unforgivable sin. It would be a sin even if one does it unknowingly. Hence, people who had committed that crime often used to come to the Pap mochani temple to get a respite from the sin. It was believed that Goddess Ekadashi Mata was the only one who can free her devotees from such catastrophe. The temple also has other mythological association. In the Indian epic Mahabharata, Lord Krishna once cursed Ashwathama to roam for three thousand years around the earth. Ashwathama came to the Pap mochani temple in order to seek salvation. These various beliefs had imparted a great religious significance to the temple. As a result, thousands of devotees come to the temple with a belief that a visit to the temple will give hem a respite from all their sins.

However, the Pap mochani temple is equally attractive to those who don't believe in all these notions. The marvelous architecture of the temple is enough to draw their attention and make it a worthy visit. The various features of the temple's architecture provide a deep insight into Hindu architecture. On one side of the temple there is lake which is used by visitors to take a sacred dip. On the other side of the temple, there is the Sandy Mela Ground. Hence, a visit to the Pap mochani temple will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The visit will not only provide you an opportunity to get close to the various beliefs of Hindu religion but will also add a lot of value to your Pushkar visit. IndianHoliday offers you online information about Pap mochani Temple in Pushkar.

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