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Savitri Temple

Settled atop a hill in Pushkar, Savitri Temple is one of the most renowned and sanctified spots. The spiritual significance of the temple attracts huge number of devotees from all parts of the world, despite the fact that the temple is on a hill top.

Moreover, the holy shrine constitutes a major portion in making Pushkar as an important pilgrimage destination. The Savitri temple in Pushkar boasts of a notable and striking architecture. The excellent design of the temple would surely make you wonder about the amazing skills of craftsmen of past times.

According to Hindu Mythology, the temple name ‘Savitri’ itself narrates an important story behind. A yajna was performed by Lord Brahma where his wife Devi Savitri couldn’t reach on time. Hence, in order to perform the pooja timely, Lord Brahma completed the ritual with the help of a local girl, Gayatri- who then became the second wife of Brahma. All this made Devi Savitri very upset and angry.

Later, in order to please her, the shrine was dedicated to Devi Savitri. Also, the arti (worship ceremony) is performed first in Savitri Temple and then in Gayatri Temple. The deities of both the goddesses are kept in the Savitri shrine.

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