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Tourist Attractions in Raipur

Raipur, the capital of Chattisgarh, has become of late one of the popular tourist destinations. Tourists visiting Chattisgarh for business purpose or to spend a vacation make it a point to visit Raipur. The tourist attractions in Raipur, India act as the major tourist draws luring in the tourists.

If you profess to be a nature enthusiast, then you must pay visit to the Turturiya Spring that features among one of the popular tourist highlights in Raipur. Also referred to as the Sursuri Ganga, the spring is located in the Turturiya village and is embosomed by dense forest. The village enjoys considerable importance as an archaeologically valuable site. Here you would stumble upon the ruins dating back to the 8th century AD and the Brahmanical ruins belonging to a much later period.

The holy places in Raipur also fall in the league of the major tourist attractions in Raipur. Champaran is a village with immense religious importance. The village was previously known as Champajhar. The place is made famous as the birthplace of the revered Saint Vallabhacharya. He was an eminent reformer and the founder of the Vallabh sect. There is a venerated temple in Champaran, dedicated to the memory of the saint. If you happen to visit the village in the months of January or February, you can be a part of the annual fair that is held here with much pomp.

Move to the east of Raipur to visit Sirpur where you get to visit the Laxman Temple and Gandheswar Temple that are also counted as prominent Raipur tourist attractions. The origins of the Laxman Temple can be traced back to the 7th century. The temple enjoys the status of being one of the finest brick temples in India. The Gandheswar Temple is situated on the banks of the Mahanadi. Its construction has a unique history behind it. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva was constructed out of the architectural remains of the ancient temples and viharas.


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