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Excursions from Raipur

Modern Raipur, the attractive capital city of Chhattisgarh, was established by the King Rama Chandra in the end of the 14th century A.D. Today, this city is visited by those travelers who love to see ruins of forts and also the stunning springs and waterfalls. However, another factor that attracts tourists to Raipur is excursion Tour. Most of the tourists who embark on a tour to Raipur they also plan out excursions from Raipur to nearby places.

Raipur excursions are believed to be incomplete if someone misses out on visiting Arang, Rajim and Sirpur along with others. Arang is around 34 km away from Raipur.

Most often referred to as the city of temples. Located on the Raipur- Sambalpur highways, this place houses an exquisite 11th century Bhandewal Jain temple. This apart, it is an abode to numerous other temples also which include Baaghdewal, Mahmaya, Danteshwari & Jain temples.

From here, you can also head for Rajim. It is another attractive destination. It is approximately 46 km from Raipur. This place is famous for being the meeting point of three holy rivers such as the Mahanandi, the Pairi & the Sondhur. Besides, here also you will come across several beautiful temples of which Kuleshwar Mahadev, Rajiv Lochan and Rajeshwar temples are very popular. Most of these temples belong to 7th to 11thcentry A.D. Of these temples, you must visit Rajiv Lochan temple which has a four armed image of Lord Vishnu. It will definitely make your travel around Raipur a treasured experience of life.

Excursions from Raipur also mean a visit to Sirpur which is around 88 km from here. In the 5th & 6th century, Sirpur served as the capital of the southern Kosal. Today, travelers visit this place to bask in the beauty of The Laxman temple (built in the 6th century AD) and Buddha Maths and Vihars.


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