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Springs and Waterfalls in Raipur

Raipur is the capital city of the newly formed 26th state of India called Chhattisgarh. Along with this, it is a famous tourism destination of India. On a tour to Raipur, you will come across diverse types of tourist attractions in Raipur such as ancient temples, rich museums and relics. All these tourist spots are very attractive and will transport you back in time where you can see from close quarters the influence of past on its present condition. However, if with this you also like to bask in the virgin natural beauty of the city then do not miss out on paying a visit to the many Springs and Waterfalls in Raipur.

A visit to Raipur Springs and Waterfalls is really going to be an exciting and fun filled experience. The majestic cascading waterfalls will hold your attention with their soft splashes. You can sit on one side and relish the beauty of flowing waterfall. After covering a long distance when finally some streams of waterfall rest on the ground and run on their way to mingle with river, it forms a spectacular sight to take delight in.

On visiting any of the springs and waterfalls in Raipur, you will also chance upon the striking Buddhist remains of 8th Century A.D. and the Brahmanical remains belonging to later period. Truly speaking, amidst natural beauty when you will also get to see architectural splendors, your pleasure of visiting the site will double up.

Usually, most of Raipur Springs and Waterfalls are called in by the tourists to savor the beauty of exquisite carved pillars, ruins of Stupa built of fine bricks, Bathing Ghats, phallic symbols of Vishnu, Ganesha, a man with sword hunting a lion and a man fighting with an animal. To state laconically, these tourist spots of Raipur serve dual purpose. Along with presenting eye soothing scenes, they also enrich the knowledge of the travelers about the city and its rich past.


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