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Deogarh Mahal near Udaipur

Built in 1670 A.D. by Rawat Dwarka Dasji as his own residence, the Deogarh Mahal near Udaipur stands majestically on the top of a hill at a height of 2100 ft above sea level. The Rawats of Deogarh once reigned over the fourth largest 'jagir' in entire Rajasthan. Dwarka Dasji was one of the 16 'umraos' - the senior most feudal barons attending on the Maharana of Udaipur. Yet the palace is bereft of much flamboyance, and there is even less gold to be found in Deogarh Mahal.

The architectural splendor of the 17th century Deogarh Mahal is reflected in its turrets, jharokhas and majestic gateways. Deogarh Mahal was converted into a charming heritage hotel by the present owner, Rawat Nahar Singh. A part of the Mahal still remains occupied by his family.

Deogarh Mahal was converted into a heritage hotel by Rawat Nahar Singh - the present owner of the palace. A part of the palace is still occupied by his family who is in charge of supervising and monitoring the proceedings of the hotel. The hotel serves guests with personal care and exceptional attention to detail, and this along with the legendary Mewari hospitality has made Deogarh Mahal one of the finest heritage hotels in Rajasthan.

Upon entering the palace while on Tour to Deogarh Mahal, you will notice that the gateway into the front courtyard passes underneath the 'Kacheri' where justice was meted out. Thereafter, the richly painted palace entrance will lead you past a few small family shrines through a series of narrow passages and staircases.

The Bar opening off the courtyard at Deogarh Mahal was the former reception hall. The walls of the bar are adorned with numerous portraits including those of Maharana Raj Singh of Udaipur on the left wall, Rawat Gokuldas II on the left side of the back wall, and Rawat Ranjit Singh on the right wall.

Hotel Deogarh Mahal offers excellent accommodation for guests in a total of 50 rooms (3 Royal Suites, 2 Studio Suites, 23 Deluxe Suites and 22 Deluxe Rooms). Though the original ambience of the regal era has been retained in the rooms, yet they are well-equipped with all modern comforts. The hotel is renowned for the wide variety of Indian, Continental and typical Mewari cuisine on offer here.

Forts and palaces in Rajasthan have not only withstood the ravages of time and onslaught of attacking enemies, they have gradually inculcated many features of the cultures that took shelter in the region. These are not mere stone and brick structures, but they are the existing examples through the walls of which we can travel back in time and unravel the glorious history of Rajasthan. The towering gates, domes, arches, corridors and Mahals of the Forts and Palaces in Rajasthan will transport you to the splendorous medieval era and provide a magnificent insight into the lives of the chivalrous Rajput warriors.

Some of the historical forts and palaces in Rajasthan have been carefully restored into luxurious heritage hotels, keeping intact the traditional work, carvings, décor and style of hospitality. These hotels welcome guests to share the glorious past of Rajasthan and partake of its present - the embodiment of Rajput hospitality, royal comforts and aristocratic cuisines. The exquisite and peaceful environment of these palaces and forts offer an out-of-the-world experience of historic living in Royal luxury.


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