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Madhogarh Fort, Madhogarh

Nestled amidst beautiful mango orchards, the Madhogarh Fort lies about 42 km away from Jaipur off the Jaipur-Agra Highway No. NH11. Built by the Kachhawaha Rajputs of Amber-Jaipur, Madhogarh Fort gained historical importance when Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh Ji chose this fort as is headquarters during his campaign against the Marathas. On 28th July1787, the historic battle between the Rajputs and the Marathas was fought in the plains of Tunga, at a mere distance of about 1 km from Madhogarh Fort in Rajasthan India.

The battle commenced at 9 am and continued till about an hour after sunset. The combined Rajput battalion of Jaipur and Jodhpur comprised of about 50,000 soldiers, while the Maratha army was comparatively larger, with about 80,000 soldiers. The Maratha army boasted of a professionally trained battalion under the command of renowned Maratha general, Mahadaji Scindia. Nevertheless, the Maratha force was forced to abandon the battlefield and leave at night. The battle saw casualties numbering in thousands. Even today, people claim that in some fields of Tunga fragments of rusted war equipments and human bones are found.


Thakur Bhawani Singh - the present owner of Madhogarh Fort is the fourth generation direct descendant of Thakur Pratap Singhji. Bhawani Singh has restored the imposing Madhogarh Fort in Madhogarh Rajasthan into a family run charming heritage hotel. The fort has opened its doors to welcome discerning guests to relive the the glory and grandeur of the bygone era, to be savored amidst the legendary Rajput hospitality. The management authorities have ensured that the traditional work, carvings and decor at Madhogarh Fort Madhogarh remain as it were in the olden times.

The aesthetic Madhogarh Fort - one of the more visited tourist destinations of Rajasthan - still bears testimony to the undaunted spirit of medieval Rajput warriors. While at Madhogarh Fort Madhogarh, guests can stay at Pratap Mahal - the room occupied by Maharaja Sawai Singhji while on his campaigned against the Marathas. Moreover, the hotel is equipped with all modern day comforts to ensure that your stay in Madhogarh turns out to be an absolutely royal experience.