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Mandalgarh Fort, Bhilwara

A prominent trading center of Mewar, Bhilwara is a mid station of Ajmer -Chittor rail line and is located on Nh-4 Highway between the Banas and Kothari rivers. Bundi lies to the east of Bhilwara, Rajasmand on the west, Ajmer to the north and Chittorgarh to the south.


History has it that Bhilwara town was established sometime in the middle of the 11th century, when when a Bhil tribal built a Shiva Temple at the site of the existing Jataun ka Mandir. Bhilwara got its name from the fact that the town was mostly inhabited by Bhils in earlier times.

The Land of Courage and Sacrifice, Bhilwara boasts of significant historical importance, because it was the site of many a fierce battle fought during the medieval times. Bhilwara got destroyed several times before it flourished in the 18th century. Built by Rana Kumbha, Mandalgarh Fort Bhilwara is the 3rd fort of Mewar region, the other two being Chittoragrh and Kumbhalgarh.

In 1858, a fierce battle was fought at the Sanagner village in Bhilwara, between renowned revolutionist Tantya Tope and the British. Thereafter, Bhilwara got connected through railway line and the town started to flourish.


Mandalgarh Fort in Bhilwara Rajasthan is a fort of considerable historic significance. Located about 52 km from Bhilwara in Mandalgarh, the Mandalgarh Fort Bhilwara can be reached by taking a diversion between Menal and Bijolia. The fort is about 1 km long and set at a height of 1850 feet above sea level.

Mandalgarh Fort Bhilwara is believed to have been built by Rana Kumbha. The fort features a low rampart wall and bastions surrounding thecrest of the hill on which the fort stands. There is an ancient temple within the fort called Jaleshwar. Mandalgarh Fort also houses a Shiva temple, besides some other divine temples.

How to Reach Mandalgarh Fort Bhilwara

By Air - The nearest airports to Mandalgarh Fort Bhilwara is the Dabok Airport at Udaipur, which lies about 160 km from Bhilwara. The airport at Jaipur is the second nearest, being 130 km from Ajmer, which in turn lies about 50 km from Bhilwara.

By Rail - A meter gauge railway line connecting Ajmer and Khandwa passes through the Bhilwara District of Rajasthan. A broad gauge line has also been laid from Kota to Chittorgarh, and this line passes through Bhilwara at Mandalgarh.

By Road - Located near the National Highway that connects the cities of Jaipur and Udaipur, Mandalgarh Fort is easily accessible by road from major destinations within Rajasthan state.