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Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli Laxmangarh

The Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli is one of the most beautiful Havelis in Rajasthan in India. Situated in the rugged and arid zones of the Aravallis, Laxmangarh was a town built in the 18th century. The Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli recalls the glory and splendor of the yesteryears. offers online information on Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli and other tourist attractions of Rajasthan and other parts of India.

Laxmangarh located in the heart of Shekhawati region was founded in the year 1862. It was one of the well planned cities of Rajasthan which was often referred to as the mini Jaipur. It was founded by Rao Raja Laxman Singh of Sikar. In Laxmangarh, Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli is one of the beautiful Havelis in Rajasthan. Adorned with paintings and designs it is simply unique in all respects. From excellent design to the exquisite paintings, the Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli is simply a class apart.

Situated at a distance of 190 kilometers from Jaipur, Laxmangarh attracts tourists from all over for its beautiful Havelis and monuments. The Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli reflects the rich grandeur and splendor of the Rajput era.

Just near the Radha Murlimanohar Temple is the Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli in Rajasthan. The Haveli is beautifully adorned with paintings that reflect the images of the British period in India. Though many of the Paintings are worn out due to the passage of time, the paintings still reflect the excellent artistic skill of the painters.

The Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli built in the 18th century though shows signs of decay but still it remains as a storehouse of medieval Rajasthani paintings.

One of the paintings depicts the image of a woman in a swing while in some paintings you can see a woman spinning. The paintings of men riding on a Ferris wheel, ploughing fields and men sawing timber can also be seen here. It shows different images from the society.

The walls and ceilings of the rooms Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli are completely covered with paintings. The paintings in the Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli attracts tourists from all over. If you have a penchant for art then you must visit the Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli.

From floral swirls to motifs, the exquisite artistry of the Rajputs is explicitly reflected in the art and architecture of this Haveli in Rajasthan. The intricate designs and excellent paintings also bring out the excellence of the Rajput artisans and are a brilliant example of their excellent craftsmanship.


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