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Chokhani Double Haveli Mandawa

The city of Mandawa in Rajasthan was founded in the mid 18th century; at one point of time this town was mostly inhabited by the rich merchant families who constructed massive havelis, adorned with beautiful wall paintings on the interiors as well as the exteriors as their residence.

However, with the passage of time, many of these merchants moved on and migrated to other states, leaving behind the beautiful havelis to bear the brunt of time and soullessness. However, the magnificence of these havelis was not a thing to be pushed to oblivion and so they soon came up as the major tourist attraction of the area. The Chokhani Double Haveli Mandawa is one of the best havelis in Rajasthan.

The beautiful frescos and wall paintings that decorate the havelis of Mandawa have captured in them the changing traditions of art, economy and politics. In the earlier days, mythology dominated the themes of the frescoes of the havelis displaying for the most part, local legends, animals, portraits, hunting, battle and wrestling scenes, etc.

19th century saw the themes being changed to reflect the British (Raj) colonial influence on the Indian culture and economy. The traditional subjects gave way to pictures of locomotives, cars, men clad in western outfits, balloons, and so on.

The Chokhani Double Haveli In Mandawa Rajasthan has some of the best frescos in the Mandawa city. The predominant colors that rule the show are golden, yellow, blue, maroon, green, etc.

Like all havelis, the Chokhani Double Haveli Mandawa In Rajasthan opens into a courtyard surrounded by verandahs that lead a bigger courtyard. This courtyard served as the inner quarters, the area where the women stayed and moved about freely. The bigger second courtyard at Chokhani Double Haveli In Mandawa India was the centre of much of the household activities. This courtyard led to rooms lined with long running verandahs.


The Chokhani Double Haveli In Mandawa In India was built in the late 19th century. The Chokhanis were prosperous merchants of Mandawa and built the haveli as their residence.


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