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Choudaharia Haveli Fatehpur

Located in Sikar district in Rajasthan, Choudaharia Haveli is one of the places which attract tourists from all over. Situated in the Shekhawati region, Fatehpur is famous for its palatial mansions and forts which have carefully treasured the medieval charm and opulence. The beautiful Choudaharia Haveli is one of the famous tourist places in Fatehpur. 

Nestled in Fatehpur in Rajasthan, the Choudaharia Haveli, attracts a number of tourists on their tour to Rajasthan. Founded in the year 1451 by Kaimkhani Nawabs, Fatehpur is known all over for its beautiful designs. The Choudaharia Haveli is famous for beautiful designs to exquisite architecture and considered as an architectural marvel amongst the Havelis in Rajasthan. The unique feature of the Haveli is its beautiful paintings.

The Choudaharia Haveli reflects the remnants of the grand Rajput era and attracts tourists from all over. From miniature paintings to the beautiful frescoes the Choudaharia Haveli is a storehouse of Rajput art and artifacts. From exquisite frescoes and murals, Choudaharia Haveli is the rich storehouse of excellent Rajasthani artwork.

Adorned by beautiful frescoes, murals and exclusive artwork, the Choudaharia Haveli is one of the beautiful Havelis in Rajasthan. The frescoes depict different images of royal knights and of Hindu mythological characters. From Lord Krishna to Lord Rama, the paintings depict different stories. The exquisite artwork on the walls of the Choudaharia Haveli makes it one of the ideal destinations for art lovers. Though major portions of the Haveli is now worn out and ravaged by the passage of time still the images and frescoes remind us of the skill and craftsmanship of the Rajput artisans.

The paintings in the Choudaharia Haveli attracts tourists from all over. The Haveli in Fatehpur has treasured the beautiful remnants of the Rajput era. The palatial mansion is decorated with floral swirls, motifs the intricate artwork. The Choudaharia Haveli is one of the ideal places to admire the beauty of Rajput art and architecture.

Worn out by time, the beautiful of Choudaharia Haveli has still preserved the vintage charm and aura of yesteryears. From the sprawling area to the beautiful courtyards everything reminds us of the opulence of the Choudaharias in Rajasthan.

Besides the Choudaharia Haveli there are other important attractions in Rajasthan. From the exquisite Nadine Haveli to the other grand and beautiful structures in Fatehpur, this is one of the most beautiful destinations that attract travelers and holidaymakers from all over.


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