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Gauri Shankar Haveli Fatehpur

The havelis of Shehkawati have carved a niche for themselves in the arena of Rajasthani art with the havelis and frescos so frequently to be seen in the area. The semi arid Thar Desert region of Shekhawati combines together numerous small and medium sized towns and villages that were once inhabited by people who made it big in the arena of trade.

Today, the Shekhawati region carries within itself extremely valuable cultural and historical heritage that find most valuable expression in the havelis in Shekhawati. The Gauri Shankar Haveli Fatehpur is one of the most well known havelis in Shekhawati region.

Shekhawati, often known as the 'open art gallery of Rajasthan', has some of the best havelis in Rajasthan. These havelis as also the Gauri Shankar Haveli Fatehpur are repository of the celebrated miniature paintings of Rajasthan, by way of murals and frescos. The Miniature painting tradition expanded to the regional kingdoms of Rajasthan predominantly after the Mughals' downfall.

The Rajput miniatures trace their origins to the Mughals, who appointed Rajasthani artists; these artists in turn brought the art form home, which flourished under the princely patronage. The Mughal influence in the beginning was very prominent, which slowly gave way to regional colors. Even to this day, the classical element and aura of these paintings incessantly continue at the hands of the successors of the erstwhile artisans.

The Gauri Shankar Haveli in Fatehpur India was built by a local merchant. The haveli was built around the late 19th century, though the exact date of the establishment cannot be stated.


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