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Kanoria Haveli Mukandgarh

From beautiful Havelis and palatial mansions, Shekhawati is truly an open air art gallery for the tourists. From frescoes paintings murals and exquisite architecture, Shekhawati allures tourists from all over for its art and architecture. The Kanoria Haveli, Mukandgarh is one such example of Rajasthani architectural marvel.

Shekhawati in Rajasthan is referred to as the open air art gallery of Rajasthan which attracts tourists from all over. From palatial mansions to grand Havelis, Shekhawati is one of the beautiful destinations for the tourists. Shekhawati houses some of the beautiful Havelis in Rajasthan in India.

The Kanoria Haveli, Mukandgarh is the residential place of the Kanorias who have now left the place. Kanoria Haveli, Mukandgarh stands as a symbol of the grandeur of the bygone era.

Situated a few kilometers from Mandawa, Mukandgarh is one of the villages that house some of the most beautiful Havelis in Rajasthan. One of them is the Kanoria Haveli. The Kanorias built this Haveli in the 1800s which attracts tourists from all over. From excellent architecture to the beautiful artwork, the Kanoria Haveli, Mukandgarh is the ideal destination for tourists. The Kanoria Haveli, Mukandgarh reflect the rich grandeur and splendor of the Rajput era.

The Kanoria Haveli, Mukandgarh is a rich storehouse of paintings. The exquisitely beautiful miniature paintings adorn the walls of the Kanoria Haveli, Mukandgarh. From beautifully painted frescoes of Hindu mythological characters to the exquisite Rajput art, the Haveli seems to be a treasure trove for art lovers. The spacious and lavishly designed halls, sprawling courtyards are the major features of this Haveli.

The skill of the Rajput painters can be seen in these exquisite paintings of yesteryears. The carved woodwork, floral designs can be seen in the Kanoria Haveli, Mukandgarh.

The paintings in the Kanoria Haveli, Mukandgarh attracts tourists from all over. Tourists can explore the interiors of the Kanoria Haveli, Mukandgarh and enjoy the beauty of this Haveli. From floral swirls, motifs the intricate artwork, the Kanoria Haveli, Mukandgarh is truly one of the ideal place know the details of Rajput art and architecture. A few kilometers from Mandawa in Rajasthan, this is the paradise for art lovers and history lovers.

So explore the different tourist attractions of Mukandgarh and you can also visit the Bagrodia Haveli, Venugopal Mandir and Gopinathji Temple and enjoy your tour to Rajasthan.


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