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Modi Haveli Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan

Havelis are aristocratic households to be seen in the western and northern parts of India and it is in Rajasthan, that the havelis transcend the limitations of being simply a residence, a mundane place of dwelling and emerge as exquisite pieces of art. The Modi Haveli, Jhunjhunu is one of the most famous havelis in Rajasthan.

The havelis in Rajasthan are famous for their murals and frescos. And the havelis of the Shekhawati Region are considered the mort beautiful. The havelis usually belonged to affluent traders or royal employees. Jaisalmer also boasts of some of the best havelis in the state intricately carved casements, grand carved wooden doors are the characteristics of Rajasthani havelis. Many of the havelis in Rajasthan however, have been transformed into heritage hotels, given the huge maintenance cost these mansions demand.

The Modis were affluent traders of Jhunjhunu. The Modi Haveli In Jhunjhunu In Rajasthan. The Modi Haveli, Jhunjhunu was used by the Modi family for centuries as their residence.

Like all havelis, the Modi Haveli In Jhunjhunu Rajasthan opens into a courtyard surrounded by corridors that lead to rooms. The interiors of the Modi Haveli In Jhunjhunu In India are covered with intricate frescos in vibrant colors. A mad riot of red, golden, green set the walls ablaze as if.

Intricately carved filigree screens, locally known as jharokas, are to be seen amply. These were meant to let the ladies of the house have a peek at the outside world, the doors to which were closed to them. In fact it is quite clear from the layout of havelis that to keep women away from the public glance was much of the intention that went behind the planning of these buildings. The Modi Haveli, Jhunjhunu has a common meeting hall that used to welcome guests on the ground floor.


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