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Mohanlal Ishwardas Haveli Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan

The Shekhawati region in Rajasthan is the repository of an art form that has more or less remained trapped to the place of their origin- the art of frescos and murals. The Havelis and mansions in the Shehawati region of Rajasthan boast of exquisite wall and ceiling paintings and mirror works.

The havelis of the Shekhawati region have lately attracted considerable tourist interest and boasts of being home to some of the grandest and most beautiful havelis in Rajasthan. The Mohanlal Ishwardas Haveli Jhunjhunu is one of the distinguished havelis in Jhunjhunu. Jhunjhunu has some of the region's most beautiful buildings and should not be missed. The intricately painted havelis of Muragh Das Modi, and the Khaitans are also to be visited on a tour to Jhunjhunu.

The town of Jhunjhunu in Shekhawati region was founded by Kaimkhani Nawabs in the middle of the 15th century, and remained under their control until it was taken over by the Rajput ruler Sardul Singh in 1730 AD. His dominance lasted till the Indian independence. It was in Jhunjhunu that the British based their Shekhawati brigade, a troop raised locally in the 1830s to try to halt the activities of the dacoits (bandits).

Mohanlal Ishwardas Haveli in Jhunjhunu Rajasthan was built in the late 19th century by Mohanlas Ishwardas. He was an eminent merchant of Jhjhunu and his haveli gives a fair idea of the kind of expenditure that must have gone into the building and adornment of the haveli.

The Shekhawati region was home to a large number businessmen and traders who acquired much financial might especially after the coming of the British who facilitated transport system, enabling these businessmen to venture out of their hometowns on professional endeavors.

Mohanlal Ishwardas Haveli Jhunjhunu is one of the numerous havelis in Shekhawati that were built by these traders as their residences. These havelis served the dual purpose of accommodating their large families while at the same time speaking out of their wealth and might.

The Mohanlal Ishwardas Haveli in Jhunjhunu India is most famous for its wall paintings that depict scenes from the life of Lord Krishna and his pastimes. Some of the paintings show young Krishna steal makkhan (butter) while others show Krishna hiding away the clothes of the gopis (shepherdesses) while they are busy bathing in the river. In fact, Lord Krishna happens to be one of the most favorite topics when it comes to frescos and murals in Rajasthan.

The wall paintings in Mohanlal Ishwardas Haveli in Jhunjhuu Rajasthan are extremely detailed and are reflective of the excellent craftsmanship that developed in the Shekhawati region in the late 18 century and was carried forward under the patronage of affluent traders and merchants along with the royalty.

Mohanlal Ishwardas Haveli in Rajasthan in India opens with a huge carved wooden gate. This gate opens into a courtyard that leads on to another smaller courtyard. This courtyard then leads to rooms lined with verandahs.


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