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Narudin Farooqi Haveli Jhunjhunu

Jhunjhunu is famous for its beautifully painted havelis. The Modi Haveli (1895), the Tibrewala Haveli (1883) are some of the major havelis in the whole of Shekhawati region. The Narudin Farooqi Haveli Jhunjhunu is one of its kind given its Muslim connections. The Narudin Farooqi Haveli in Jhunjhunu India belonged to an affluent Muslim family.

Jhunjhunu is also quite famous for its step-wells, including Mertani Bawri, in the north of town, which is one of the best known step-wells in the Shekhawati area. The Khetri Mahal (1765), a minor palace, the Bihariji Temple (1775) which has nice paintings from the Ramayana on its walls, are also worth visiting on tours to Jhunjhunu.

The Narudin Farooqi Haveli in Jhunjhunu in India belonged to the Farooqi family, who were an affluent family in Jhunjhunu.

Jhujhunu boasts of some of the best havelis in the Shekhawati Region. The Shekhawati region in Rajasthan has exquisite havelis famous for their colorful and intricate frescos and murals. The havelis in Shekhawati, that once belonged to the rich and affluent traders mostly, are now distinguished tourist attractions.

Some of these havelis have also been turned into heritage hotels by their owners, owning to the rising cost of maintenance and also to the fact that most of these families have migrated to other areas in the state or even outside. Turning the residence into a hotel means earning a few quick bucks that can in turn be used for the maintenance of the Haveli, while the profit can be used otherwise.

The Narudin Farooqi Haveli In Jhunjhunu Rajasthan, belongs to a Muslim family, which makes it stand out, given the majority of Hindus in the area. The Narudin Farooqi Haveli In Jhunjhunu In India stands out because, the frescos and murals inside the haveli, show distinct Mughal influence. The theme is floral, with a predominance of blue color- much like the interiors of Mughal monuments which show similar motifs in tiles and mosaic.

Unlike most havelis in Rajasthan, the Narudin Farooqi Haveli Jhunjhunu shows a different architectural style. The Narudin Farooqi Haveli opens up with a huge, carved wooden gate that leads to a courtyard. This courtyard leads to rooms that are again lined by long running corridors. White and blue rule the show at the frescos that cover the walls at the Narudin Farooqi Haveli Jhunjhunu.


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