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Saraf Haveli Mukundgarh, Rajasthan

Shekhawati region in Rajasthan is famous for its havelis and their frescos and murals that follow the miniature tradition of painting that the Rajputs imbibed from the Mughals. The Saraf Haveli Mukundgarh, better known as the Ganga Bux Saraf Haveli is an ancient building situated at Mukundgarh in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan.

The havelis in Mukundgarh have earned quite a name for themselves in the list of prominent havelis in Shekhawati and are now a prime attraction for tourists who travel to the region. Fort William Haveli, Ghuwale Wolon ki Haveli and Devki Nandan Murarka Haveli are the other important havelis in Mukundgarh.

The havelis in Shekhawati are the greatest tangible instances of the great tradition of miniature art of the Shekhawati region. These havelis are usually painted elaborately both on the inside (at times up to the ceiling) and also sometimes on the outside. The grand architecture coupled with the intricate paintings, makes these havelis quite a sight to see.

The Saraf haveli Mukundgarh India was built during the 18th century. This haveli is more attractive to the tourists on account of the frescos. This haveli belongs to the Sarafs who were prominent businessmen of the area. The haveli was used by the family as there residence.

These havelis that once belonged to affluent families are now, for the most part soulless. The families having moved elsewhere, and these havelis lie at the hands of caretakers who are again mostly as old as the havelis they take care of. These caretakers usually belong to families of servants who have served the owners of the haveli for generations. Some of the more enterprising haveli owners have also turned them into heritage hotels, which are quite profit making given the present hype with tradition and history.

A riotous accumulation of bright yellow, blue, green, maroon and golden is to be seen on the interiors of the haveli. Scenes from local legends, lives of local heroes; scenes depicting the mischief and love of Lord Krishna and Radha, are to be seen on the walls.

Like most havelis in Rajasthan, the Saraf haveli Mukundgarh In Rajasthan India opens with a massive carved wood gate that leads to a courtyard followed by another inner courtyard. The rooms and halls are all lined by a long running corridor and verandah. Lattice work on windows and walls are suggestive of how the layout of a haveli strove to maintain the purdah system that prohibited women to venture out of doors.

The Saraf Haveli Mukundgarh can be approached by road from Mandawa (14 km) and Nawalgarh (13 km). Nawalgarh Railway Station and Sanganer Airport Jaipur(133 km), are the nearest railhead and airport.


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