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Lakes & Gardens in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the land of impressive palaces and forts. However, there are quiet a few lakes that quietly make their charisma felt among the tourists because of their immaculate beauty. These charming lakes provide opportunity for water sports and unlimited fun and frolic of the tourists. While some of the lakes are a gift of nature to Rajasthan, others have been artificially carved out on the earth's surface by the efforts of man.

In the desert land of Rajasthan it is almost surprising to see the blossoming flowers in the huge landscaped gardens full of heavenly fragrance and cool breeze. These gardens are the victory of human will over the severity of the nature and it's a joy to stroll through them with all their gorgeous pavilions and fountains that adorn them.

Lakes and Gardens in Rajasthan feature on the top in the itinerary of those who are out on their tours to Rajasthan. One just can't afford to miss the beauty and serenity that Rajasthan lakes and gardens promises. Lakes and gardens in Rajasthan are one of the major Rajasthan tourist attractions. All year through, water sports of all kinds can be organized in the pristine lakes of Rajasthan. Amazing water sports facilities for swimming, boating etc. are available. Boating session is conducted regularly by trained Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation staff. Drive for about 10 kms from Alwar and you enter paradise.

The rolling hills flaming with bougainvillea and gulmohar cradle the majestic Siliserh Lake. Udaipur - the lake city of India is also good for water sports with boating being a favorite activity. Lakes and gardens in Rajasthan can be the ideal spot for picnics. The Chambal River offers the exhilaration of water rafting in the Kota region. Rajasthan also offers angling sites. Bandh Baretha in Bharatpur, Siliserh and Jaisamand in Alwar, Mansarover near Sariska, Kukas, Chhaparwara and Ramgarh in Jaipur are an angler's paradise.

Some famous lakes and gardens of Rajasthan are Bada Bagh which is located 3 km from Jaisalmer, Bada Bagh is a fruitful oasis in the attractive backdrop of a pretty rain fed lake and a dam in the middle of the plateau.

Vidyadhar Garden, located near the Sisodia Gardens of Jaipur is a gorgeous vineyard. These tiered gardens house several galleries, pavilions and attractive murals depicting scenes from the life of Lord Krishna. Gulab Bagh or the Garden Of Roses' nestles pretty in the Sajjan Niwas Park, Udaipur is the charming lake city of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Garden and Lakes represents greenery, serenity, nature and blessing of the Almighty. The royal city has some beautiful landscaped gardens and lakes that are truly a visual delight to the eyes of the visitors. The gardens and lakes of Rajasthan provide a break to the tangled nerves of the city dwellers. These gardens and lakes are certainly green and pristine water retreats in the barren lands of Rajasthan.


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