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Museums in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a land of grand forts and majestic palaces, wildlife with varied flora and fauna and golden sands. The culture tradition of Rajasthan is also famous all over the world. There are numerous monuments and traditional heritage buildings that have a lot of historical importance and house the traditional arts and craft galleries that are quite famous and have a significant place amongst the antique. All these historical facts and evidences are stored in the repository in the museums and galleries in Rajasthan. These museums and galleries are the known to preserve the stories of courage and chivalry of Maharajas and queens.

The Maharajas and their opulent lifestyle and lavish way of living can be witnessed in a limited span of time in these beautiful art galleries. The tourists who are keen in learning more about the culture and heritage of Rajasthan may well get to know about the regal families and their influence on their subjects. The tourists may well come to know about their lifestyle and also their way of leading life. To know about the history and culture of any country, art galleries and museums are the best option. The tourists will discover various things that the queens used to beautify themselves up. The tourist will come across a lot of sculptural &glass work from that era in the Rajasthan's Museums and Galleries.

There are many museums and galleries in Rajasthan that are the abode of the treasured and well preserved antique art and craft work. These museums and galleries are located in the various cities of Rajasthan and offer a quick access to the various other places of tourist interests and also the accommodations. One such museum worth mentioning is Umaid Bhavan Palace Museum. This museum is in Jaipur and is the storehouse of every regal belonging. For instance; crystal, glass, chinaware and fancy clocks are some of the items.

The Rajasthan's Museums and Galleries also house a lot of other items that include; metalware, decorative wares, miniature portraits, sculptures, paintings, costumes, pottery, brassware and woodwork. All these craft works are simply s delight to the eyes and should not be missed out at any cost during a tourist's tour to Rajasthan. These museums and art galleries offer the best of information and the tourists get a good opportunity to enrich their knowledge by learning more and more about the facts that related to the life of the Maharajas and Rajputs of Rajasthan.