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Achalgarh Shiva Temple Mount Abu

Achalgarh, situated eleven kilometers north of Mount Abu has a beautiful Shiva temple showcasing many striking features, including the toe of Shiva and group of colorful Jain Temples. Mount Abu is a famous and only hill station of Rajasthan located in the southwest part of Rajasthan. It is a part of the Aravali range. Achalgarh Shiva Temple at Achalgarh near Mt. Abu in Rajasthan is a very famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The place is also renowned for some other colorful Jain temples offering splendid views.

History of Achalgarh Shiva Temple, Mount Abu

According to legend, Hindus respect this place because once Nandini, the cow of the sage Vashisht was caught in a deep gorge and could not free itself. The sage called for Lord Shiva's assistance. Shiva sent Saraswati, the divine stream, to help flood the gorge so that the cow could float up. Sage Vashisht then assured that such mishaps would not occur in future and asked the youngest son of Himalaya to fill the gorge eternally. With the help of the snake, Arbud he successfully completed the task. He took the help of the snake, Arbud. To honor the help, Achalgarh Shiva Temple in Mount Abu is considered to be a revered place amongst all tourists and Hindu pilgrims. This temple dates back to earliest century.

Description of Achalgarh Shiva Temple, Mount Abu

Achalgarh Shiva Temple in Mount Abu boasts a number of appealing features ,including what is said to be a toe of Shiva, as well as a brass Nandi (Shiva's vehicle, a bull) and, where the Siva Lingum would normally be, there is a deep hole that is said to extend all the way down to the underworld.

Lord Shiva represents the Supreme Being who symbolizes the formation, protection, ending and recreation of the universe.

Nandi the bull is coupled with Shiva and is believed to be His vehicle. The bull is the epitome of both power and ignorance. It is said that Lord Shiva mounts on the bull's back and removes ignorance and bestows power of wisdom on His devotees. The bull is called Vrisha in Sanskrit. Vrisha also symbolizes dharma (righteousness). Thus a bull shown next to Shiva also indicates that He is the eternal companion of righteousness.

Devotees of Lord Shiva worship Shiva Lingam with lot of devotion and are considered to be very sacred. It is regarded as the foremost sacred symbol for shaivaites and has been worshiped from time immemorial.

Just outside the Mount Abu Achalgarh Shiva temple adjoining the car park three stone buffaloes stand around a tank, while the shape of a King shoots at them with his bows and arrows. According to the mythological belief, the tank was once filled with ghee, but demons, in the form of buffalos came down and polluted the ghee until the king shot them. A path leads up to the hillside to a group of colorful Jain temples, which all have fine views over the plains. Shoes and all leather articles should be left at the doorway of the temple.

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