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Satyanarayan Temple Dundlod

Dundlod the fascinating town in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan is very popular among tourists for its forts and havelis. It is around 7 km north of Nawalgarh in the center of the Shekhawati region. It served as the seat of Shekhawat rulers under Jaipur state. It has a very imposing fort that was erected in 1750 by Keshari Singh who was the fifth and youngest son of a Rajput emperor namely Sardul Singh. Not only this, Dundlod is also famous for being the retreat of the rich Goenka merchant family, a fact that is corroborated by the opulent fresco paintings in havelis. However among all the places of tourist interest the one that catches special attention is Satyanarayan Temple in Dundlod. The Dundlod Satyanarayan Temple is located in the premises of the Goenka Haveli.

History of Satyanarayan Temple, Dundlod

The Satyanarayan Temple in Dundlod enjoys an exclusive historical importance being built by the Goenka family. It testifies the fact that Dundlod served as a strong base for the very rich Goenka merchant family.

Description of Satyanarayan Temple, Dundlod

The Dundlod Satyanarayan Temple is found in the complex of the stunning Goenka Haveli. It is counted among the best religious places in Rajasthan for its magnificent fresco paintings. To state it laconically, in this temple you will come across refined fresco paintings adorned with contemporary trappings that contain the pictures of the British men and women on bicycles and cars and long trains accompanied by telegraph wires in the backdrop.

Another painting on the roof in the upper space of the Satyanarayan Temple in Dundlod depicts nobles enjoying leisure time either by indulging themselves in book reading or smelling flowers. There are other paintings also in the temple that show turbaned man holding a bird and in other woman admiring herself in the mirror.

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