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Sawai Bhoj Temple Bhilwara

Bhilwara, the headquarters for the administration of Bhilwara District, is a small town located in the Mewar Region of Rajasthan. It is around 600 km from Delhi. Legend has it that Bhilwara derived its name from the ethnic group of Bhils who dwelled here for long time in yester years. Another story says that Bhilwara came to be so called because of the Bhiladi Mint situated in the city. Well whatever be the story, today this ancient city is mostly visited for its very attractive Sawai Bhoj Temple. The Sawai Bhoj Temple in Bhilwara is claimed to be more than 400 years old and is the symbol of communal harmony.

History of Sawai Bhoj Temple, Bhilwara

It is revealed in the historical records that Bhilwara Sawai Bhoj Temple was erected to commemorate the sacrifice of the Gurjar youth namely Sawai Bhoj. He fell in love with the wife of the Raja of Bhenai called Jaimati. As a repercussion to this, he along with his 4 brothers and mother was killed in a brutal war with Rajput ruler.

Description of Sawai Bhoj Temple, Bhilwara

The Sawai Bhoj Temple in Bhilwara is said to have harmonized communal differences. Besides, this temple enjoys a very special feature. It has an adjacent mosque called the Badia Dargah. However in this mosque prayers are not offered and it has a symbolic significance only.

This apart, in the complex of the Bhilwara Sawai Bhoj Temple numerous other tiny temples and shrines are also located. Of all the temples however the one that enjoys the limelight is temple for Deo Narain where prayers were offered in majority by Gurjars only.  

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