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Gardens in Rajkot

Gardens in Rajkot are a major Tourist Attraction in Rajkot. The Gardens of Rajkot look beautiful with lovely flower plants and other floras which are in full bloom during the season. The Gardens in Rajkot in Gujarat in India also provides the visitors with several amusements. There are children parks and food courts. In the amusement parks both the adults and the children can spend a nice time. The Gardens in Rajkot add beauty and charm to the city.

Rajkot is famous for the industries located there and the commercially flourishing status of the city. Rajkot is also noted for its reputation of being the capital city of Saurashtra. The ecological balance of the city is well maintained by the gardens as the pollution level of the city is also high because of the industries present there. The Gardens at Rajkot in Gujarat in India balances the city's ecology to a fair level. People of Rajkot visit the gardens for evening stroll and the food stalls and amusement park in the gardens of Rajkot attracts children in a large number.

The main Gardens in Rajkot are the Jubilee Garden and the Aji Dam Garden. These two Gardens in Rajkot are major tourist attraction.

The garden in the surrounding areas of the Aji Dam is maintained by Rajkot Municipal Corporation. The Aji Dam Garden has an amusement park where children spend a nice time, trying out the rides. The garden also has a zoo, a crocodile park and bird aviary. This garden is situated on the outskirts of the city and therefore a visit to this garden is more like a trip to tranquility. The Aji Dam Garden looks more beautiful during the winter when the flowers are in full bloom. The lakes attract winter birds and the birds get stay here in the trees of the gardens. This adds beauty to the garden and the variety of flowers and birds attracts people from all over Rajkot to spend a time and the tourists show equal interest in visiting the gardens.

The Jubilee Garden in Rajkot is also a big garden with beautiful paths laid. There are many trees in the garden. The swings, the trees and the paths give the visitors a good amusement. The Jubilee Garden in Rajkot is famous for a food product, specifically a type of chutney called "Chevdo". This chutney is made from pea nuts and rice flakes and a spice is added to it to give it a tingling taste. Another specialty of the Jubilee Garden is the "Chickee' which are also made out of nuts.

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