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Rotary Midtown Doll's Museum

Rotary Midtown Doll's Museum, Rajkot is an interesting place which is full of traditional and ethnic, dolls from all over the world. The dolls in the museum stand as a replica of human beings, Indian ethnic culture, traditions and family values. The dolls and toys exhibited in The Rotary Midtown Doll's Museum in Rajkot, gives the visitor a chance to move around the world and get an idea of the culture and tradition that each of the country has. The adults and the children can take an interesting tour around the world through the toys and dolls brought from all over the world.

A visit to the Rotary Midtown Doll's Museum of Rajkot gives one a pleasure of going on a dream tour across the world with dolls. A visit to the museum is full of fun and entertainment. The dolls and the toys are exhibited in a thematic pattern. This helps the tourist to gain a deeper insight of the world's culture and tradition.

The Rotary Midtown Doll's Museum was a project taken up by Rotary club of Rajkot Midtown. The project is supported and the dealings are sponsored by Rajkot Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd and Shri Arvindbhai Maniar Jankalyan Trust.

The exhibits of the dolls and toys in The Rotary Midtown Doll's Museum at Rajkot in Gujarat in India stands as silent educator which speaks of the heritage and culture of different countries and the world on whole. The collections of The Rotary Midtown Doll's museums at Rajkot in Gujarat in India are well organized.

The Museums of Rajkot are an excellent way which helps to understand the rich cultural heritage of Saurashtra in a better way. There are many museums in Gujarat. Rajkot bears a special significance to the tourists with its Rotary Midtown Doll's Museum. Rajkot in Gujarat is a place eminent for the famous museums present.

The Rajkot Museums are noted for their ancient and rich collection. The Museums in Rajkot are under the administration and maintenance of the state government which has a special department to look after, take proper care and popularize the museums present all over Gujarat. The department in charge of the maintenance of the Museums of Rajkot and Gujarat operates from the Museum and picture Gallery in Baroda in Gujarat. The Museums in Rajkot are some of the major Tourist attraction in Rajkot and should be visited by tourists while on their Tours to Rajkot in Gujarat in India.

Rajkot is situated in Gujarat in the Saurashtra region. Rajkot can be easily reached by buses and trains from different parts of Gujarat and India. There are also flights available for tourist who wants to go on a Tour to Rajkot by flight. While on a tour to Rajkot, one must visit the museums in Rajkot as they stand among the Major Tourist Attraction of Rajkot.


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