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Temples in Rameshwaram

The Town of Rameshwaram is situated in the State of Tamil Nadu in the southern part of India. The holy city of Rameshwaram is also usually referred to as the ‘Benaras of the South’. The presiding god in one of the Temples of Rameshwaram is the Linga of Sri Ranganatha, which is one of the twelve Jyotiralingas of India. According to the popular beliefs among people, it is compulsory to visit Rameshwaram in order to achieve Moksha.

According to the Hindu mythology, which is the story of Ramayana, Lord Rama executed many thanksgiving rites to Lord Shiva after his victory over the demon king Ravana, in the battle at Sri Lanka. Due to this occurrence the Rameshwaram city attracts Saivites, the worshippers of Lord Shiva and the Vaishnavites, the worshippers of Lord Vishnu. Sri Lanka is located at a distance of 24 kilometers from Rameshwaram. The whole area of Rameshwaram is related with various incidents of the Ramayana. The city of Rameshwaram is one of the most visited pilgrim sites in India.

In South India, particularly in the state of Tamil Nadu, the pilgrim's journey of Rameshwaram has become a tradition for a long time and has also passed into legends. The Rameshwaram Temple, over the centuries has grown into its current massive magnitude. It is positioned on the eastern shore of an island, shaped like a conch, which Lord Vishnu bears in one of His hands. Fields are not plowed or oil is not pressed anywhere in the island. A wonderful railway bridge, which is long for over 1 kilometer, was built at the beginning of the 20th Century. This rail bridge has connected the island with the mainland.