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Buddha Park Ravangla

Buddha Park in Ravangla has become a popular landmark in Sikkim for pilgrimage tourism. The Park features a magnificent statue of Sakyamuni Buddha. This colossal statue is visible from some parts of West Sikkim. Buddha Park area is attractively designed to create ample walkways, gardens, and space for visitors to enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Also, the views from this location are breathtaking, and the spiritual ambiance adds to visitors' experience. Do not forget to check out the museum, meditation center, and Buddhist conclave during your Sikkim trip.

This city has an ancient connection with Buddhism and is thus dotted with Buddhist monasteries and relics of the faith. On the birth anniversary of Lord Gautama Buddha in 2006, the Sikkim State Government decided to celebrate the birth anniversary throughout the year in Sikkim. As part of the celebration, they decided to install a giant statue of Buddha in the eco-garden in Ravangla.

In recent years, Buddha Park Ravangla has become a major attraction in Sikkim, especially for Buddhists. So do not miss a visit to Buddha Park with your loved ones and spend time rejuvenating your mind and soul. Explore this scenic attraction during your Sikkim Ravangla tour package, which is customizable, and you can contact our travel expert for booking.

Here is the detailed information about Buddha Park Ravangla

Buddha Park Ravangla Location

The Buddha Park is located approximately—1 km north of Ravangla city in the south district of Sikkim.

The best time to visit Buddha Park Ravangla Sikkim 

April to June is the ideal time to visit Buddha Park. For snow lovers, September to November is considered the best time. During summer, you can enjoy the spectacle of lush green surroundings and see the statue of Buddha in its full glory. In winter, the park is entirely blanketed with snow and looks stunning. The figure of Buddha against the gray clouds is a sight to be noticed on your Ravangla tour.

Buddha Park Ravangla Timings and Entry Fees

  • Timings: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Buddha Park Ravangla Entry Fees: The entrance fee for Buddha Park is INR 50 for Indian citizens and INR 100 for foreigners. There may be an additional fee for photography and videography.

How to reach Buddha Park Ravangla 

You can reach the park in Ravangla from Gangtok. The distance from Gangtok to Ravangla is approx. 63 km and takes about 3 hours to arrive. To get to Buddha Park from Ravangla, you can hire a taxi.

Tourist Attractions Near Buddha Park

Besides Buddha Park, there are several other attractions to explore in Ravangla and its surrounding areas. Here are some well-known ones you should check out:

  • Ralang Monastery
  • Temi Tea Garden
  • Samdruptse Hill
  • Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary

A visit to any of these attractions around Buddha Park gives you an opportunity to explore the region's culture, natural beauty, and spiritual heritage in a unique way.

Hotels in Ravangla Near Buddha Park

Ravangla offers a wide range of accommodations near Buddha Park, suitable for different budgets and preferences. By staying near Buddha Park, guests can enjoy easy access to the park, as well as the peaceful and scenic surroundings of this hillside town. Some of the most popular hotels in Ravangla near Buddha Park:

  • Summit Sobralia Resort & Spa: With breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, Summit Sobralia Resort & Spa offers luxurious accommodations and a spa.
  • Hotel Ravongla Star: This hotel is known for its comfortable accommodations and top-notch service at an affordable price. It is a great choice for solo travelers and families in Ravangla, near Buddha Park.

Any of them would be a good option for you to stay.  Aside from these, the Hotel Zumthang and Cloud's End Retreat & Cafe are also excellent options for stay. To ensure your stay at the hotel of your choice near Buddha Park, simply inform our travel experts when booking your Ravangla tour package.

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