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Flying Fox in Rishikesh

The Flying Fox is an exhilarating adventure sport in Rishikesh. The adventure lets enthusiasts enjoy gravity and the full speed of air flow as you fly like a hawk in your secure harness. The views are more than awe-inspiring as you fly at top speed over the mountain range of Himalayas and the holy river Ganga.

The flying fox ride starts from a launch pad 120 meters high from the river bed on Ganges. The entire sport is handled by experts with hydraulic safety equipment. On a cable, the flying fox adventure participant is harnessed to a safe gear. As the individual is ready, they are released to enjoy a flight upto a kilometer. Enjoy the speed, the thrill and the air flow. Speed of your ride goes upto a 150 km/ hr. the view is absolutely thrilling, spread your arms and enjoy your flight.

Adventure lovers can try the sport individually or go in tandem. Collect the Dare Go certificate. This adventure is one of the cherished memories of Rishikesh.

Safety Tips

Flying Fox is an enjoyable experience. In Rishikesh, the safety standards are of the highest order. The adventure tourism services are provided by experts in adventure sports with years of experience.

Providing the dose of adventure, this is a perfect opportunity to challenge yourself. Get ready for the flying fox sports adventure sport in Rishikesh.