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Kayaking in Rishikesh

The holy river Ganga meandering on its side in Rishikesh provides a broader canvas for adventure enthusiasts to indulge in many water sports such as Kayaking. And in recent times, Kayaking in Rishikesh has been gaining more popularity. This popularity also owes to the fact that there are options for all, whether beginner or expert.

Kayaking is a much-loved adventure sport globally, and this is why it also happens to be an Olympic sport. There are various forms of Kayaking, such as Surf Kayaking, White-water Kayaking, Sit-on-top Kayaking, Sea Kayaking, etc. 

There are four points from where Kayaking in Rishikesh is commenced

  • Brahmpuri (Grade I)
  • Shivpuri (Grade I and II)
  • Marine Drive (Grade I, II, and III)
  • Kaudaliya (Grade I, II, III and IV)

Route and grades

The main Kayaking stretch of Rishikesh is 36 kilometers long, ranging from Rishikesh to Kaudiyala. Throughout the route, one comes across more than thirteen significant rapids. The whole river has been divided into four classifications of main grades, which helps in choosing the level of difficulty. Most popular rapids are- The Roller Coaster (Grade IV), The Cross Fire (Grade III), The Sweet Sixteen (Grade I), The Golf Course (Grade IV), The Marine Drive (Grade II), and Three Blind Mice (Grade III). 

Safety measures

Anyone, regardless of their age, can try their hands at Kayaking. Rishikesh is among the few places in India where you can rent all the necessary equipment for Kayaking. Before taking the Kayaking tour, people are briefed and accompanied by guides who further take charge of the journey.

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