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Rock Climbing in Rishikesh

Home to Shivalik Himalayan cliffs, Rishikesh is among the preferred destinations for rock climbing. In addition, Rishikesh is a hub for adventure sports in India, which offers ample rock climbing opportunities. The thrilling cliffs and magnificent rocks present exciting challenges in front of adventurers who come to get a thrill of rock climbing in Rishikesh.

Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport. It often tests a climber’s strength, endurance, agility and balance along with mental control. While rock climbing in Rishikesh, participants climb up, down, or across natural rock formations. The aim is to reach the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a predefined route without falling. Participants are geared up with a safety harness and a helmet during rock climbing. They are allowed to test their capability at rock climbing.

Rock climbing activities in Rishikesh are handled by a team of certified instructors from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi. The experts will guide and encourage you in this adventure sport, ensuring your safety.

Some significant points that you should keep in mind before rock climbing:

  • Beginner climbers must follow the expert’s instructions thoroughly.
  • Never panic while climbing and keep the mind calm & focused.
  • Follow the expert climbers and look for natural grips on the cliff to move up.

Here is the rock climbing equipment:

  • It is important to carry a good-fitting and comfortable nylon harness.
  • Wear the right fitting climbing shoes or sports shoes, ensuring a good foot grip over the rocks. 
  • Wear safety helmets to safeguard your head in case of an accident.
  • A belay device and carabiner are essential to prevent falling during the climb. 
  • Keep a chalk bag with chalk powder handy as it helps dry the hand from sweat.

Keep Rock Climbing in Rishikesh on your adventure checklist for your next trip. Start with top-roping, easy bouldering, lead climbing and move on to the tough rock climbing expeditions. With our meticulously crafted Rishikesh tour packages, you can enjoy rock climbing activities during the trip. The tour packages are customizable and you can modify the itinerary according to your requirements. Contact us for more information and to book a tour with us!