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Shopping in Samode

Located 42 kilometers from Jaipur, which is the capital of Rajasthan, Samode is a popular tourist destination of Rajasthan. This village of Samode is famous all over the world for the Samode Palace. The detailed architecture of the palace has over the years attracted tourists from various parts of the world. Apart from this palace, Samode is also known for its shopping areas. Shopping in Samode involves mainly buying from the local markets at reasonable rates.

Rajasthan is a culturally and traditionally rich state of India. The rich history and heritage reflects from every part of the state. The various regions of Rajasthan are representative of the culture of the state. Samode also boasts the rich culture of Rajasthan. The village was previously inhabited by landlords, it is dotted with palaces.

The medieval architecture of the havelis, forts and palaces allure travelers from different parts of the world. Apart from the havelies and forts, Samode is also known for its various shopping opportunities. Shopping at Samode gives the tourists and travelers the opportunity to know about the variety of impressive handcrafted items and goods produced in Rajasthan.

Though there is no air conditioned malls and shops, Samode shopping makes tourists know about the essence of Rajasthani tradition and culture. Shopping at Samode gives the tourists the opportunity to buy directly from the different manufacturers. This not only gives the tourists to get quality products but also get the products at a reasonable rate.

Some of the most popular items found in the shops of Samode include miniature paintings, handcrafted gems and clothes. There are a number of shopping areas in Samode which are visited by shopping lovers throughout the year.

Main Bazaar

Main Bazar is one of the most popular shopping areas of Samode. This bazaar of Samode is in fact the only shopping area of the place. Considered more than just a bazaar, Main Bazaar is the meeting place of different people. The bazaar remains filled with buyers and sellers coming from different parts of Rajasthan as well as India.

The streets of Main Bazaar are filled with vendors selling variety of items that include dress materials, colored fabrics and more. In addition, there is also number of eating joints in this bazaar.

Other areas for Shopping in Samode

Shopping in Samode Rajasthan India has improved owing to its location near the Sekhawati region. This region of Rajasthan is known for its rich history along with its tradition of visual art. Miniature painting which is one of the best examples of visual art has mainly flourished in Shekhwati region of Rajasthan. Shopping at Samode is incomplete without buying some of these beautiful miniature paintings.


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