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Main Bazaar

The land of the Samode Palace and various other medieval style forts and havelis, Samode, boasts of Main Bazaar. Main Bazaar is the principal shopping area of Samode. The picturesque village of Samode is located 42 kilometers from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan.

Shopping forms an essential part of the tour to Rajasthan. Travelers always shop irrespective of regions that are covered while on a tour to Rajasthan. The variety of traditional goods and items that are displayed in the shops lining up the whole state allure tourists from all over India and also from all over the world. Main Bazaar in Samode can easily be considered one of the top shopping destinations of the state.

History of Main Bazaar

Main Bazaar is wrapped in a rich history. The bazaar was formed when the village Samode came into existence. With the increase in the population of the village, the popularity of the bazaar also increased. The bazaar made way for showcasing the talent of the local craftsmen. Main bazaar soon became the platform where the local handcrafted items and goods were displayed. With the passage of time, Main Bazaar became the meeting ground of various traders and buyers. All these factors helped Main Bazaar in Samode India to be one of the most visited shopping areas of the state of Rajasthan.

The rise in the popularity of the bazaar has made it one of the popular tourist attractions in Samode. The unique appeal of the Main Bazaar attracts the different shopping lovers. Variety of shops has dotted the entire market area. Over the years, Main Bazaar Samode has become a meeting place for a large section of people.

Products of Main Bazaar

Varied local products are found in the shops of Main Bazaar. Shopping in Main Bazaar involves in buying of different local handcrafted good and items. Main Bazaar shopping mainly includes purchasing attractive colored fabrics and beautiful dress materials.

Tourists who are not interested in shopping can just walk around the Main Bazaar and witness the liveliness, colorfulness and vibrancy of the bazaar. The rich Rajasthani culture and tradition are perfectly displayed in this one of the principal bazaars of Samode. The exclusive items that are sold in the shops of this bazaar are hardly found anywhere else in India.

Eateries at Main Bazaar

Apart from offering a wide range of eye-catching Rajasthani goods, Main Bazaar is also known for its various eating joints. Famous for selling local snacks and sweets, the eating joints of this bazaar remain crowded with tourists. Tourists also engage themselves in capturing this beautiful shopping area.

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